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We host regular Devotional Programs and Service Activities all year round. We also provide Spiritual education to children of ages 6-18.

The foundation for everything is morality. Without moral values, humanity cannot survive. Often, people of different religions hold on to different objectives and are unable to see the underlying reality, and as a result have different opinions. For example: one says a rupee consists of 4 quarter rupees and another says it is 2 half-rupees and the third says it is ten 10 paisa. All these denominations mean the same rupee. Only ignorant people, who become dogmatic and fail to perceive this oneness, imagine differences and resort to criticizing each other. Sacred scriptures have taught that there should be no arguments or debates on religious matters. They must be resolved peacefully. The guidelines of all religions lead to the end goal of Truth and Righteousness. (My Dear Students, Vol 2, Ch 16, Jul 23, 1989)


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Good Samaritan Episcopal Church

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